International Türkmenbaşı Seaport Project

Within the scope of the project “Türkmenbaşı Seaport” constructed in Turkmenistan, ferry and passenger terminal, container terminal, general cargo port, bulk cargo port, and ship building and repair facility are built and Ro-Ro and polypropylene terminal is expanded. The project having a budget of $1.5 billion is constructed as the biggest seaport of the Caspian Sea.

The Caspian Sea's largest seaport...

As a large number of investments to vivify the historical Silk Road continue in the entire geography thanks to the brave and strong-willed steps taken by the Turkmenistan government, Turkmenistan is becoming an international center in transportation. Turkmenistan’s International Türkmenbaşı Seaport by the seashore of the Caspian Sea is  prepared for becoming one of the rare ports of the world as the biggest one of the region. In this sense, the Caspian becomes a sea uniting the countries, not parting them apart

So That Birds Fly More Freely…

In the project constructed in compliance with the Eco Friendly Port standards, nesting locations on birds’ migration routes are being turned into a special bird sanctuary as a sign of respect for nature.

Employer Turkmenistan Sea and River Transport Vehicles Authority
Location Türkmenbasi - Turkmenistan
Start Date 6/1/2014
End Date 2/5/2018
Contract Type EPC