Opened understanding of the business, based on transparency and creative,fruitful and effective management.

Human Resources Policy

Çalık Holding’s corporate business principles have been adopted so as to ensure that the Group continues to grow and develop in a sustainable manner. These principles allow for the creation of strong dynamic structures as current facts are comprehended and future formations are perceived.
Basic Corporate Business Principles are:
  • Open business approach based on transparency,
  • Creative, productive and efficient business management,
  • Effective communication and continuous training environment,
  • Innovative and improving business conduct,
  • State-of-the-art technology usage,
  • Customer-focused business approach,
  • Friendly and respectful working environment, and
  • Being a company sensitive to and having respect for beliefs and basic values.
GAP İnşaat, in line with the policies of the Holding, employs the HAY Job Evaluation Methodology, which systematically measures an organization’s process of attaining its overall objectives. Besides, GAP İnşaat implements the Performance Development System, which is based on objectives and competencies for creating an organization with outstanding performance. Using this system, which takes both personal and professional objectives into consideration, employees’ efforts and success in realizing their powers, responsibilities, duties and objectives are evaluated.
Çalık Group’s competencies are:
  • Objective Analytical Power
  • Clear Objectives
  • Practical Creativity
  • Leading Individuals
  • Improving Individuals
  • Influencing Individuals
  • Creating Trust
  • Commitment to Teamwork
  • Being Market-Oriented
  • Taking Initiatives

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